January 23, 2015 in video

How to NOT freeze to death in Berlin


prof HonkWinter survival is everything and to succeed you need to fight the cold from the inside. Prof. Honk (see picture) from the Honk clinic has been researching climate and temperature for over 3 months. He recommends the following:


– Find shiny clothes as they have a high reception to winter sunlight which is extremely rare -_-

– Whenever you start to feel a chill, take a step back and think of one thing: moving fast and intensely. You will raise your body temperature and feel an instant sense of well being.

– If you spot a hot person, latch on to him or her. Statistics show those particular people are natural sources of heat.. Also it works great in bed.

World leading experts in body heat have spent years studying the best way to implement those fondamental ideas and came up with a quick video tutorial following one line : to Get flappy.

get flappy theory

January 21, 2015 in releases

Superskrunk Deluxe edition

New stuff coming up doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look back at some good old stuff too. We released Superskrunk in April 2013 and since then we have been working on new material (i.e our latest PINK e.p.)  and actually ran out of the first Superskrunk (thanks for reaping out the stocks ya’ll…) so eventually we decided to make a new edition of it, et voilà…

Superskrunk_Deluxe edition-back&front

You can buy that handsome album at our bandcamp shop, right there.  Hope you will appreciate it!

December 12, 2014 in releases, video


If you thought you knew us, then expect to be once again deceived! Get Flappy is on our new E.P. PINK and offers a depiction of the TV world through the Honkers goggles.

We will launch the release on the the 19th of December @ Fraanz Club (Berlin) with the Electro Swing Revolution party. There will be a couple of special features for the occasion including a live Get Flappy competition.

*PINK* Official release concert in Berlin

*PINK* Official release concert in Berlin