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The new album by the Dirty Honkers is the compilation of a two years journey and tastes like a long night on an old dancefloor. Starting with the swinging sound of GREEN followed by the room-filling bass sound of BLUE to finish in glitter with PINK. The title “Self Portrait in 3 Colors” reflect the different personalities of the three members but also a hommage to Charles Mingus, the legendary jazz composer. With this album the Honkers propose a balancing act between catchy and unique.

By mixing elements of swing, hip hop indie & electro, the Dirty Honkers show that they’re not binding themselves to any specific genre. They create their very own pushing sound accomplished by the recognisable voices of DJ Neckbreaka and Screechy 2 Shoes and through ambitious arrangements defying all classification. The artists definitely know how to put passion into sounds so turn it up!

New Video

Electro Swing remix by Wolfgang Lohr and Louis Prima