Straight outta Neukölln

In our last Video we wanted to show our neighbourhood, but did you ever wonder what’s behind Waiting for the time?

We are Neukölners… the downtown, multinational, hipster-center of Berlin. We produce our music, rehearse and run the business all in a radius of about 3 kilometres.” Gad aka DJ Neckbreaka, the producer of the band, lives about 80 meters away from a huge construction site, an extension of the A100 Highway, which now raises criticisms from angry citizens and activists, arguing that this road harms the residents, the environment and is waaay… too expensive.

The construction is going to last up until 2022 and will end up costing about 130 Million… pro Km… Dayum! “After riding past the construction a thousand times we decided it would be an amazing location for our new music video, so we snuck in to the site on a Sunday and got the camera rolling.”


Waiting for the time is a song about personal experiences, surviving as an independent musician. DJ Neckbreaka’s verse is sort of a half sarcastic inner dialogue with his ego, he explains: “Its about my inner struggle of how to define success and where to aim with our music. Rapping as the big-shot contractor in the video, cut-up with my real self getting angry demonstrates this conflict”.

When you consider the lifestyle and standard of living of a Neukölln artist, you certainly can understand the irony of the whole situation. 10 years pass by with little or no infrastructure development in the area, then BAM! all of a sudden you see the state investing in the most expensive highway ever built right next to your trashy hood. We don’t mind. It’s just funny to see how much people care more about cars than people. That’s also what brought the idea of the bicycle gang…



Andrea AKA Screechy 2 Shoes spent 3 years touring through Europe with the infamous Cyclown Circus, a bike circus originating in the USA that covered huge distances through the States, Europe and Asia only traveling by bikes (mostly mutant bikes). The bicycle shots are a small homage to that scene she was a part of which stood for an alternative to a society driven by oil in the early 2000. Screechy refers to those good old hard days in her rap as she traveled with the bike posey, camping wild, playing shows, forging for food in supermarket dumpsters (dumpster diving) and not giving a fuck about what normal people do. Her signature act was a mean cowgirl lasso routine, which she did as part of the Cyclown’s street show to earn a day-to-day buck.

Now that you know, watch the darn video and don’t forget to spread the word! And while you’re at it get yourself  the latest “Blue EP”.


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