Self Portrait in 3 Colors


RELEASE DATE – 13.09.2016

Selfportrait in three colors” is the peak of a two year journey of self discovery. This LP is a musical manifesto of not-giving-a-fuck comprised of three explorations in color and style, each with its own unique energy and atmosphere. The Honkers’ prohibition to conform unlocked doors to their musical subconsciousness allowing them to pack each tune full of cinematic vibes, contemplative text, and alluring harmonies all while bringing the party.  Wild at heart they unleash their hand-made  tour de force showcasing all their influences from retro to modern music with a particular focus on swing. The band’s 3rd LP also includes remixes such as Louie Prima & Wolfgang Lohr remix of the tune Street Lamp Swing.

From rave to boogie-woogie, through EDM, jazz, indie-Hip-pop, swing and funk,  Self portrait in 3 colors is hot fusion with a load of personality. The Dirty Honkers  mange to have their cake, and eat it too, with enough dirty sweets to go around.

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