Dirty Honker’s new release for the summer is coming down like a Berliner flash flood. With their new tune Cocolimon the trio has set sail to distant sunny shores and everlasting summer, yet with zero carbon emission as shows their video, shot in their Neuköllner room. Between abstract fun and water splashes, dj Neckbreaka, Screechy 2 Shoes and Flap Jack Malone deliver their goofy humor while getting hammered on cuban rum. Sure sounds like fun.

Trivia: the song was originally the fruit of a collaboration with 90’s mambo hero Lou Bega, who shown interest in the band’s unconventional creative ways. He was supposed to sing the song and a version has actually been recorded. Yet the management did not show the same enthusiasm and the collaboration stopped there. Your loss mister Bega, the Honkers will have fun regardless!


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